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5555Kiriban Avatar - Carrot by cloud-no9 5555Kiriban Avatar - Carrot by cloud-no9
This is one out of the 5 Kiriban avatars for celebrating the 5,555 page views!!!

1a. 5,555Kiriban Avatar - Giraffe ver.1
1b. 5,555Kiriban Avatar - Giraffe ver.2
2. 5,555Kiriban Avatar - Honey Jar
3. 5,555Kiriban Avatar - Elephant Portrait
4. 5,555Kiriban Avatar - Bubble Bee
6. 5,555Kiriban Bonus Avatar - Jeans Back Pocket

I was planning a long time to create something special for this kiriban and after the poll I was happy to start making these little somethings! :D

At first I was disappointed to see that none made it to catch the 5,555th view but soon realised that I was wrong! :XD: Not even I had a winner but also a second one and a great fun with the guess what's behind poll! I had a great time with that!!! I really enjoyed and I hope you too! :giggle:

>>> Given this opportunity I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU to all of you that made happy by visiting my pages, reading my awful journals (:S), comment and support me!!! I'm really lucky to have you! :blowkiss:

Software: MS Paint, Photoshop CS2 and ImageReady CS2

Use: Free to use within DA! Perhaps a credit would be rather nice!!! :blush:

Thnx again for reading this!
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cloud-no9 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007
He he he... LOL Pure Bugs Bunny! :XD:
kittycat299 Featured By Owner Oct 11, 2007
lol! You should try writing like that style

Bugs bunny:
*chomp chomp chomp* wants up doc? Oooh! A carrot! :Q *pulls out carrot and puts in mouth* Ewww!!! *spits out carrot* It's pixeled!!! >_<
cloud-no9 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
:XD: I really have a great time when I read your comments!!! :giggle: They're so realistic! :D

I fear Bugs Bunny walking around this area... *looks right, looks left, all clear... phew!*
kittycat299 Featured By Owner Oct 10, 2007
*walks* La la la... *squish* Oops... I stepped on a carrot... o_0
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October 9, 2007
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